Lexington Candy Shop

Founded in 1925, Lexington Candy Shop is New York City's only reminder of a bygone era when soda fountains and luncheonettes were fixtures in every neighborhood throughout New York.

Continuously owned and operated through three generations of family and partners, walking into the restaurant has often been compared to going through a time warp.
In 2015 we celebrated our 90th Anniversary!



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Located in the heart of Manhattan's Upper East Side, just three blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art at the corner of 83rd Street and Lexington Avenue, we are easily reached by  walking, bus or subway.  On and off street parking is readily available.

Upon arriving at the Lexington Candy Shop, stop and enjoy our historical Coca Cola display.  Everyone enjoys this display of American "Pop" history.   Our display includes Coca Cola toy trains and trucks as well as unusual bottles and cans.  The bottles are generally from U.S. regional celebrations and sporting events, while the international cans and bottles show the global side of Coca Cola.  Our display is constantly growing through our own acquisitions as well as gifts from our customers and visitors.

Once in the luncheonette...

notice the 1940 vintage Hamilton Beach milk shake mixer next to the 1948 vintage coffee urns.  They date from a time when sodas and ice cream drinks were, and here still are, made by hand with the skillful touch of the "Soda Jerk".

In 2015 we celebrated our 90th Anniversary!  
We’ve been continuously owned and operated through three generations…...

When seated, take a moment to enjoy the decor's authenticity painstakingly maintained.  An original menu, original photos of the store in 1925, and pictures of our founders are on display.  Our staff will answer any questions you have about the menu or our long history.  Picture taking is, of course, welcome. Sit back (unless you're on a stool) and enjoy our timeless food and beverages. As you enjoy your meal and beverage, you will understand why our industry trade paper, The Restaurant News, calls us "A David among Goliaths in Gotham City, the LCS is like a page in food service history bringing to life the energy and attentiveness of a bygone era".

"New York City Landmark"

So come see why New York Newsday calls us a "New York City Landmark".  Find out why British Traveler magazine included us on their list of "Top ten places to visit in New York City".  And discover why Travel and Leisure Family has said we are "The perfect destination for a family breakfast".